MindCloud connects seamlessly with through their Walmart Marketplace APIs. MindCloud has built a cutting-edge brand distribution software, that allows companies to connect directly with and automatically retrieve their orders, manage their inventory on and update the shipping status of orders so customers can be informed when their order has shipped.

Order Management

MindCloud connects directly with Walmart to retrieve new orders through the Walmart Order Management APIs.

Retrieve your orders directly into whatever platform your company uses to manage orders, whether that be a Sales CRM such as Salesforce,, Airtable, Google Sheets, or any type of database solution such as SQL Server, Postgres, MySql, etc.

As orders are retrieved, your local inventory is automatically updated with the quantity of the item ordered.

Inventory Management

Increase orders and reduce cancellations by always having counts of available stock on MindCloud integrates directly through Walmart’s Inventory APIs so whenever you add stock to a SKU this information is is synchronized in your Walmart listings so customers will always know what is available and what is out-of-stock.

Update Shipping Information

When you ship out an order, MindCloud automatically updates the shipping information and status of order lines in to “Shipped” which then triggers the charge to the customer.

Keeping it Simple

MindCloud Channels was developed in a user-friendly fashion in order to cater to brands and businesses of all sizes. Our goal is simplicity without losing functionality.

We listened to the everyday problems being encountered by brands and distribution companies and factored in each aspect to create an experience that satisfies each.

These solutions were then tested and proven resulting in a seamless transition from order placement to fulfillment with complete customer satisfaction.

Connect Smarter

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What is MindCloud?

MindCloud is a software company that builds and maintains custom connections between your software and other platforms so you can eliminate manual data entry and start automating and scaling your business.