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MindCloud is a software company that builds and maintains custom connections between your software and other platforms so you can eliminate manual data entry and begin to automate and scale your business.

“Tasks that would have taken hours to complete before can now be done in seconds
with just a click of a button.”


Work Smarter

Track sales, connect with clients, and 10X your productivity

Automate all your Online Operations with eCommerce Integrations

Connect all your software with MindCloud’s cutting edge Integration Platform (iPaaS)

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How Can iPaaS Automate My Business?

You need multiple platforms to run your business. That means project management, marketplaces, spreadsheets, you name it.

But everything is in different places and it all has to get updated. Someone gets the drudgery of monitoring and refreshing each segment of your company.

And you’re the boss, so that person is always YOU.

But you didn’t become an entrepreneur to do data entry and bookkeeping. You want to spend time with your customers and realize your vision.

An iPaaS, or Integration Platform as a Service, is a platform that coordinates applications and programs and allows them to speak to one another. It connects each segment of your company across platforms and softwares. That means that a sale triggers an invoice, the shipment of an order, and an update to your inventory.

Let MindCloud create the perfect set of customized connections for you. Your new MindCloud iPaaS creates every business connection your business needs to automates data entry over multiple platforms and lets you spend more time with clients. Scale and grow your business the way you want with MindCloud.

What Our Customers Say

“This is the best integration platform out there and is the perfect solution for companies that need integrations but don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on software and IT staff required by the competition.

MindCloud has been our integration partner for the past year and connected over 15 sites to our Salesforce platform. MindCloud are always available for questions or support. Building new integrations is way faster than the team we used before.”

David J. Sr. E-commerce Manager

Connect Your eCommerce Software

Take your sales and management to a new level with MindCloud’s suite of pre-built E-Commerce Integrations.

  • Manage orders across platforms
  • Trigger functions like shipping and invoicing
  • Automate data like sales and inventory
  • Thrill customers with order fulfillment, consistent communication, and MORE

It accomplishes functions such as the proper relay of data from one point to another, the indication and isolation of where errors occur in data transfer, connections to other applications via APIs, a validation of users’ access to certain levels of data and the disallowing of independent decisions and activity. 

Without a central authority and platform to integrate everything you need connected, you will lose touchpoints and business.

MindCloud’s Integration Platform is customized for you. We listen and adapt to your needs and create a custom integration platform to streamline and automate all of your business processes from one place.

After a full consultation and interview to determine all required business procedures, we build out and test the platform to your full satisfaction. 

Discover the Joy of a Platform Designed for You

Tell us exactly what you want and we’ll build out and test the perfect iPaaS connections to help you succeed.

  • Connect all your software applications in one platform
  • Manage authentication to your API connections from one central location
  • Let MindCloud experts help set up your integration platform

Tell us exactly what you need and we’ll build the solutions.