We make stuff simple

Our mission at MindCloud is to help businesses grow by simplifying connections across the web.

MindCloud is a software company that builds and maintains custom connections between your software and other platforms by utilizing a cutting edge integration platform that allows you to eliminate manual data entry so you can automate and scale your business.
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Quick Facts

3.2 million

monthly workflows completed

2.55 TB

of data transferred monthly


tailor-made solutions for clients


Connections to leading cloud platforms and applications and growing weekly

Why we created MindCloud

Software Doesn’t Talk to Each Other. Modern businesses have an average of 10 different software programs yet they don’t talk to each other leading to manual data entry and copy and pasting from one program to the next.

Technology is limiting your growth. Exponential growth is impossible without streamlining and automating your processes. But it takes too long, costs too much and requires technical expertise that business owners may not have or don’t want to spend the time working on.

Integration platforms are too complicated and too complex. Automating and integrating software requires a high level of technical knowledge, even for the “no code” platforms. Software developers are expensive making it difficult for business owners to utilize this technology.

Bad experience with software projects. Most integration projects done by independent software developers take many months to complete, communication is usually very poor and budgets usually are majorly exceeded.

Why we created MindCloud