Full service at the cost of self serve


Access a complete integration platform with competitive pricing.

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  • Complete setup from A-Z

  • Over 100 standard connectors and data flows from your favorite software

  • Monthly maintenance and live support

  • 99.999% guaranteed uptime on your integrations

  • Financial grade encryption


Need a custom integration?

No matter the complexity of the integration, we will help you scope, design, build, and maintain it.

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Bi-Directional Data Sync

Embedded Integration



Get all features out of the box with our integration platform


  • Scoping & requirements
  • Data flow design
  • Connector setup
  • Authentication management
  • Integration testing
  • Go-live management


  • Routine updates
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • Performance reviews
  • API update management
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Error alerts & logging

White Glove Support

  • Dedicated success manager
  • Regular strategy check-ins
  • Ongoing optimization
  • High touch communication
  • Rapid issue response
  • Platform training and support


What systems, applications, and platforms can your solution integrate with?

MindCloud supports a wide range of systems, applications, and platforms, including legacy systems, popular SaaS platforms, and various data formats including JSON, EDI, and XML. We're designed to be highly adaptable, ensuring seamless integrations no matter the system in use.

How do you ensure data security?

We understand the paramount importance of data security. MindCloud is secured using AWS built-in security mechanisms, ensuring the highest levels of protection. Additionally, we ensure data security with industry-standard encryption. We adhere to top-tier data protection regulations, guaranteeing a smooth and secure integration experience.

How does your platform handle increased data loads?

MindCloud is built on the latest AWS architecture, making it highly scalable and capable of handling increased data loads efficiently. Whether your business experiences a sudden surge or steady growth, our platform can adapt without compromising performance or reliability.

What kind of support and post-integration maintenance do you offer?

We offer 24/7 customer support and have a dedicated success manager for each account. Our 'White Glove Support' ensures regular strategy check-ins, including 3 hours/month of integration adjustments. Our goal is to ensure your integrations run smoothly at all times.

What are the timeframes and costs associated with your integrations?

One common concern is the long duration and high costs associated with integrations. With MindCloud, you can go live in just 2-4 weeks, even for custom flows. Additionally, our advanced technology allows us to offer competitive pricing, ensuring you get premium service without the premium price tag.


We've got the connections!

  • Free consultation & Quote
  • E-Commerce Integrations
  • Data Sync / CRM Connections
  • Cloud & On-Premise Systems
  • Custom Solutions
  • Immediate estimate provided
  • Transparent pricing.