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Jamie Royce


October 21 2021


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MindCloud Channels is cutting-edge brand distribution software.

The goal of Channels is to provide brands and distribution companies with a turn-key solution to fulfill and track orders of all types and sizes.

Our software has been designed to handle all forms of sales including drop shipping, direct selling online and wholesale. 

Whether you are placing an individual order for a single product or a wholesale order of multiple items, you will experience the same fluidity and ease of operation to fill and track your purchase.


What is Brand Distribution Software?

Anyone selling a product must have a system to fulfill and track the product being delivered to the consumer.  

Without such a system, confusion reigns.

Orders get lost, customers become upset and refunds ensue.

Not to mention, countless hours are spent by paid employees attempting to track and fulfill these orders with whatever make-shift tracking system is in place.

Often times this system consists of voluminous spreadsheets and grids – sometimes even handwritten notes and scraps of paper.

This consumes valuable time and money and prevents the business from scaling. 

To solve this problem and provide a workable and scalable solution, MindCloud’s brand distribution software has been created to track everything. Once the order is placed by the customer, the software will record and monitor each step until the product lands in the desired hands. 

Some of the major functions monitored include order processing, inventory control, product purchasing, customer service, supply chain management, sales, customer relations and finance management.


Our Mission is Simplicity

MindCloud Channels was developed in a user-friendly fashion in order to cater to brands and businesses of all sizes. 

We listened to the everyday problems being encountered by brands and distribution companies and factored in each aspect to create an experience that satisfies each.

These solutions were then tested and proven resulting in a seamless transition from order placement to fulfillment with complete customer satisfaction.


Your Market

Every month, 4.75 billion people use the Internet. This number is currently an all-time highest ever.

Between 13-16 percent of all consumer orders placed worldwide are made online.  This amount is increasing daily as more people find online solutions for everyday needs.

To properly handle these demands, it’s vital to have a comprehensive administrative system in place. The companies who don’t will not be able to adapt to the times.


What Sets Us Apart

We listen. 

After discovering exactly what you need and the unique challenges you face, we will make the needed revisions to meet your demands.

Your product is customer satisfaction. 

Our product is you. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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