Custom NetSuite Integration for Teak Warehouse


December 12 2023

Case Study

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The Challenge

Teak Warehouse, launching a new website, faced the challenge of accurately reflecting their complex
product listings from a customized NetSuite setup to their WooCommerce website. The previous integration platform, Farapp, couldn't support the level of customization they needed, leading to hours of manual data synchronization for thousands of SKUs.


The Objective

Teak Warehouse required a solution capable of automatically synchronizing product data between NetSuite and WooCommerce, eliminating the manual labor and potential for errors in product listings.


Why MindCloud?

MindCloud’s White Glove service, ability to build custom integrations, and exceptional communication set us apart from competitors. When others couldn't meet Teak Warehouse's unique requirements, we delivered.



MindCloud built a tailored NetSuite to WooCommerce Integration that automates synchronization of all
product-related data, including images, descriptions, stock levels, pricing, and even data stored in custom fields. We also created an automated process to handle WooCommerce orders in NetSuite and integrated custom rules for product visibility, bundles, and quotation requests.



The integration has transformed Teak Warehouse's business operations. Tasks that used to take hours of manual data entry now occur instantly and automatically. Staff members can update product details in NetSuite, knowing these changes will be reflected on the website without any additional intervention.



Our company’s current state of automation would not be possible without MindCloud. They are savvy, efficient, and generally on top of it, but also personable & transparent. They have truly been life-savers for our business!

— Jessica Johnson
Operations Manager at Teak Warehouse


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