Finding The Right Automation Platform


May 07 2022


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The meteoric rise of SaaS tools led to the immediate need for SaaS integrations. Take a look at the number applications you have open on your desktop and this will become rather obvious. Anyone working from home right now is likely using some combination of such software whether it be Slack, Airtable, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox—you name it.

In order to prevent information silos when working across multiple platforms, it’s vital to ensure each program talks to one other. Without this interchange and sharing of information, you will without a doubt lose valuable data, become confused with double entries and misplace orders and client information that you had neatly logged in one place but never transferred over to where it should actually belong.

It can be frustrating.


Popular Solutions

One of the most popular and widely used automation platforms on the market is Zapier. 

Zapier succeeds due to its plug-and-play simplicity. It doesn’t take a developer or technical genius to set up a connection using Zapier.

Their platform has also continued to expand its versatility and now integrates with over 3000 different SaaS products. 

There is room for innovation, however, when it comes to custom scenarios and connections that aren’t covered by the horizontal structure that Zapier employs.


Integration Issues?

Depending on your workflow, you may only have a small number of software applications running. On the other hand, you could have an abundance. Some companies have as many as 80 separate SaaS tools and most have at least 10.

For anyone in the field of e-commerce, the list of required integrations also extends to external sites such as other online companies, distributors, warehouses, etc. Without proper integrations that adequately link each segment of the production line, the results can quickly become disastrous. 

While Zapier works perfectly fine for simple automation schemes, some of the more complex or unique connections require further development. 

If you haven’t found a solution to your integration woes using popular software, you might want explore other options that could adapt better to your needs.


Connections by MindCloud 

MindCloud is an integration platform that facilitates connections to all varieties of software and e-commerce sites. 

We begin our process with a consultation to discover what integrations are required and what difficulties you have faced thus far. Based on this, we determine the best possible solution for your needs and present this to you.

Our integration solutions cater to anyone in need of a single connection and to those who need a more advanced and developed platform that spans an entire workflow of SaaS applications. We work with businesses of all sizes, providing affordable solutions to SMBs.

Contact us today for a free demonstration to see how we can service you. 


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