How to Get Rid of Manual Data Entry


November 25 2022


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Nobody enjoys having to type the same thing twice. While occasionally necessary, when this becomes habitual, something must be done about it.

In addition to manual data entry being redundantly mindless labor, it often leads straight to disaster. Instead of permitting computers to do the function they were put on this Earth to do, we at times opt to take on duplicative effort ourselves and are then rewarded with human errors. 

People are brilliant. Without them we wouldn’t have computers and automation. But since we do, it seems rather silly not to use them.


Oh, That Can Be Automated?

Most of us don’t buy a computer with the end goal of becoming a developer or programming wizard. In most scenarios, we just want something we can use to get stuff done. All the technical jargon can be pretty complex, but you don’t need to learn it in order to do something with a computer.

When it comes to digital information, there is one simple rule to keep in mind:

If data is located in one computer application or program, there exists a way for this information to be transferred elsewhere. 

And this way doesn’t involve you sitting in front of the computer to manually enter data into an Excel spreadsheet.

With all the technology that exists in today’s world, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of isolated computer programs and apps. Instead of stopping to think for a moment about how to make them talk to one another, the easier solution sometimes seems to be manually inputting the data into one source from another. 

But there is a better solution. One that will save you time and effort.


How APIs Help 

API stands for “application programming interface.”

This is a series of procedures that enable connections so data can be transferred digitally from one operating system or application to the other. 

The activity carried out by an API takes place behind the screen of your computer, tablet or smart phone. What you see if the end result of the data you request showing up in the location you desire. 

APIs make it possible for you to do things like login to your online banking and get your updated account information. 

They can also be used to connect up nearly any other application or system you have so that any information you have in one place can be transferred instantly to another. 

You might be able to eliminate hours of work you exert weekly with the proper use of connections between APIs.


MindCloud Can Help You Connect

There are many ways to effectively get rid of manual data entry and automate other daily activities. It is astounding how much time CEOs and executives spend each week on tasks that could be done automatically. 

MindCloud works with individuals and companies around the world to help integrate and automate daily business procedures. 

Take a look and consider for a moment the actions you spend the most time on each week. Could any of these be automated


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