Integrating Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


February 23 2022


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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) refers to the general topic of integrating key business procedures. It can also refer to the system used to do this or one specific software program that handles the integration of principal functions.

Such programs can be basic and handle only one aspect of a business such as order management or they can be complex and used to gather, manage and interpret data throughout the entire organization.

The further you scale as a business or activity, the more you require various types of software to regulate and monitor different aspects of your orders, delivery and financial transactions.

Failing to have these in place when volume increases, can result in a sea of confusion and unfilled or incorrectly fulfilled orders or minimally a lot wasted time spent keeping track of things administratively that could have been handled automatically by a computer.


Too Difficult & Too Expensive

When presented with a new situation or problem, the most logical thing to do is to find a solution. For example, you need a system to track prospects and clients so you get a CRM. This is great and your sales boom but then you find out this system doesn’t manage all the aspects of your orders so you purchase and install separate order management software. Your expansion continues and soon you find yourself needing to you hire a 3PL. Shortly thereafter you realize your order management software and CRM haven’t been talking so well to the 3PL. 

Now what?

When you research solutions on how to handle this, you discover it’s going to cost you a lot of money to integrate everything together. On top of this, you are going to need to hire a dedicated staff member who knows how to use the software that handles such integration.


Simplify What You Have

Solutions exist that don’t require the excavation and disposal of all existing programs and their consequent replacement with something brand new. 

And you don’t need to spend a fortune to arrange the marriage of a few computer programs.

If you are being told to replace out all existing software that handles your ERP and hire a dedicated staff member to run a new program, consider looking for other options.


MindCloud Connections

MindCloud is a company that builds custom connections between your software and other platforms to make it possible for you to automate and scale your business. 

Instead of being required to replace out software you have invested in and established as a working part of your functioning business organism, MindCloud works with you by first doing a custom analysis of your unique scenario and then helping you to find the simplest and most cost-effective solution. 

Find out more or reach out for a free demonstration.


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