Software Integration: The Secret to Scaling a Business


February 18 2022


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As brick and mortar companies continue to shift focus and energy to their online platforms, software integration has risen to the forefront of vital organizational concerns. Without having a seamless method to corral and administer the plethora of applications dominating the horizon, navigating through a choppy sea of digital confusion too often leads to casualties.

While solutions exist to cope with this, and more surface daily, what’s often lacking are simple and direct connections thus providing proper integration for each individual service or niche scenario.


Defining Software Integration 

Software integration covers a vast scope of potential meanings and interpretations all relating to connecting various applications and programs together to make them talk and properly exchange information. 

Each time you turn on your computer, countless programs and applications integrate one with another to allow functionality to occur based on what you are trying to do.

When you login into online banking, purchase something from Amazon, set your home alarm via the mobile application or create music on GarageBand, there is some type of software integration involved. 

None of that is too exciting or revolutionary and is generally accepted and taken for granted in our modern technological times. Your mind is no longer being blown when you login to your bank account via your iPhone or have a pizza show up thirty minutes after shouting a few commands at Alexa. These things, and much more, have become commonplace and a humdrum routine of our daily existence.


Then What’s the Big Deal?

As more business gets done online and eCommerce continues to rock the world, it’s becoming paramount that your communications are relayed and satisfied instantly and at once.

What does this mean?

When your lifeblood depends on orders being registered properly, passed on and fulfilled, you need to have lightning-fast software that connects up each program involved to ensure this is now. 

Your inventory management and customer database and user interface all need to be talking and integrated without any hiccups or hesitation. 

You must have confidence that when someone comes to your site to buy something, that each transaction and all parts of it will go down without a hitch. 

When you deal with your employees, you need to again be sure that whatever platform you are using can integrate with each source of information you have to perform all financial, legal and fiduciary duties needed to properly run a business.

If you are using marketing or SEO services, you will need to ensure that all software platforms can pull the needed data from the rest of your business activities to properly analyze activities and come up with logical solutions to improve and market with.

While these are still general subjects, most likely after reading them just now, you thought of several aspects of your own business that either need to be connected up properly or could improve in relation to their current connections. 

Simply put, you need to make all your software talk.


MindCloud: The Solution for Software Integration

MindCloud is a company dedicated to simple solutions for software integration. 

We have helped countless organizations around the world simplify and scale their business activities by diagnosing and solving their digital connections.



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