MindCloud: A New Face For Business Process Automation


May 21 2022


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The terms BPA and RPA have been floating around the business and tech world for some time now. 

BPA, or Business Process Automation, is the process of systemizing recurring tasks into an automated form and thus eliminating repetitive work. This can range from data entry to hiring regimen to order management and just about anything within a business that gets done on a regular basis that can be put on automatic.


What’s The Difference Between BPA & RPA?

Underneath the umbrella of Business Process Automation is RPA—Robotic Process Automation. 

RPAs are bots designed to take care of simple actions that can be easily processed without a complex stream of individual decisions. These are becoming more advanced each day and soon will most likely be able to handle a level of complexity never before seen.

Business Process Automation deals with the overall topic of automating all business activities and connecting them together with any other platforms or services as needed while RPAs are normally used for only specific task or aspect.


Scaling Your Business Using BPA Software

Business processes are anything you do within your business or line of work that concerns the production of your product and delivery of it to the public. 

Many people don’t realize the number of repetitive tasks they or their staff take on a daily basis that could be done away with using proper BPA software. 

Without adequate connectivity and relay of information or by having to do it all manually, you limit the size and influence of your activity or business. There is only so much you can do or handle by yourself or with a handful of overworked staff. 

By employing a network of digital connections, effective BPA software will not only automate your tasks but will connect the various applications and programs you use on a daily basis to create a coordinated pattern of operation that saves you time, prevents data silos and allows your business to scale.


What Makes MindCloud Different

There are various types of integration and BPA systems that exist on the market. If you’re reading this right now, it’s likely that you have used such software in an attempt to deal with connectivity issues within your business. This often results in frustration, huge sums of expenditures and the end result of a problem not fully solved. 

MindCloud has developed BPA software that is able to be customized and molded to whatever needs your business requires. 

We have removed the complications that are commonly faced with other integration platforms and use cutting-edge technology to get straight to the issue in a simple and direct manner that does not require you to hire full-time personnel just to handle your BPA software.

After an initial consultation to discover your pain points and what tasks you need automated or streamlined with other software, a unique integration platform will be designed and tested to fit these needs. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help automate and expand your business.


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