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March 03 2022


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The pandemic has caused an economic paradigm shift, the impacts of which have still yet to entirely unfold. There have been societal changes that are simple to see—enforced protocol, decreased capacity in shops and venues, travel restrictions, etc. But there have also been less patent shifts that require a deeper look.

Don’t worry—this article is not about conspiracies or hidden agendas or things being withheld from the everyday working person.

But if you work online or depend even slightly on an internet presence for your business or survival, you need to be aware of the current online playing field.


2022 Is Not Business Per Usual 

The efforts you put into your online universe in the past are simply not sufficient anymore. 

While this seems like a sweeping statement, and a rather pessimistic one at that, you have to realize that when the stakes of a game increase, the players who win are the ones who compensate for the changes and adapt their game to it. 

The effort that you put into website, internet marketing, social media, paid ads, SEO, CRM and networking to other platforms and anything else you want to encapsulate into an overall online presence must be considered newly.

If you have been putting in the same effort as you were pre-Covid and pre-2020 to the above and you’ve found your online presence diminishing or business shrinking, realize that this could have something to do with it.

It’s not hard to understand why this might be when you sit down to consider it. When people all around the word migrated from work to work-from-home, this bumped up the competition to levels we have never before seen. 

Each online service you can think of has increased in volume thus bringing to view the wheat in a field of chaff. 

Whereas some things might have flown under the radar before, with more eyes on the field and more bodies in play, it’s vital that you bring your best up one degree and ideally two.


What You Can Do About It

There are a lot of things you can do about. That’s the good news. By sitting down and analyzing your website and anything connected to your online business, within an hour, you could probably list ten to twenty things you could do to make it better.

This can be anywhere from an overhaul on your website, eliminating things that slow it down or prevent people from buying, making it easier for customers to place orders, hiring an SEO company, implementing a paid ads campaign, etc.

The bottom line is you want to think of ways that you can a) become more noticeable and thus reachable to your public and b) provide better service than your competition thus making people choose your service over another.


How Connections Can Help

Personally, when I’m looking at a service, especially an online service, I make my decision based on speed and efficiency. If I have two online brokers and one of them places trades twice as fast as the other one or two tax companies and one of them gets the work done and filed a week before the other, it’s not hard to pick the one I will use again the next time.

Same goes for online shopping. Why do 9 out of 10 people pick Amazon first when shopping household items online? Probably because the second after they place their order, the truck with a smile has already showed up at their front door (maybe not that quick—yet).

One of the things that can slow your site or business down is turtle-speed connections or ones that constantly break or require constant maintenance.

Connections by MindCloud helps businesses around the world simplify and streamline their online connections.

What connections do you require in order to get your job done?


What is MindCloud?

MindCloud is a software company that builds and maintains custom connections between your software and other platforms so you can eliminate manual data entry and start automating and scaling your business.



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