SaaS (Software as a Service) Made Simple

Jamie Royce


October 23 2021


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You have likely heard countless programs these days being referred to as SaaS — or Software as a Service. 

Some of the leading SaaS companies are Slack, Dropbox and DocuSign. 

In this article, we will simply explain SaaS and how it could apply to you.


What is SaaS?

Let’s use an example to illustrate this.

Going back several years (for those of you who even remember these times), we had something called the USB memory stick. This was a little device used to store files, images and any other types of electronic data you may want to keep around for later use.  

Simply put it we all used USB sticks as a digital storage system. Sometimes we would even swap them with a friend or bring them to work and have someone stick files on their computer — and incidentally pass over some malicious bugs at the same time resulting in the decimation of the entire office network….

A USB sticks is an example of HARDWARE.

There are many downsides to this, some of the main ones being the lost or damage of data, security issues, viruses and limited storage.

To solve the impracticality of these archaic units, Dropbox entered the scene. 

Dropbox is SOFTWARE that provides a SERVICE. It is a prime example of Software as a Service.

You are not required to buy a package of software and download it on your computer. 

Instead you use the Internet to connect with Dropbox.

This allows you to have endless amount of storage (it starts free but then adds on as you need more and want additional features) and also provides you with security to protect your information. This is all programmed into the software. 

You are also no longer at risk of being attacked by viruses and malware when passing your information along as you can easily share your information with others via links and internal communication within Dropbox.


Connections by Mindcloud: An Integrative SaaS 

Mindcloud caters to companies of all sorts. Our mission is to connect you digitally to all those you do business with.

We have put the time and energy into making our user interface simple and intuitive. There will be no need to hire additional IT staff to install or navigate through complicated procedures to put you in touch with the required channels. 

Our integrative connections allow you to seamlessly connect with other software programs to accomplish a smooth interchange of information. 

Stop wasting time being lost and frustrated in a hectic digital world.

Get connected and scale your business today.


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