Super's Journey from Manual Operations to FullAutomation with MindCloud


December 12 2023

Case Study

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The Challenge

Super initially faced multiple challenges that hindered their operations. Their approach to handling digital goods was particularly cumbersome, requiring manual processes to send out individual digital voucher codes to customers. On top of that, they struggled with the speedy onboarding of new vendors, especially those that required specific API connections to integrate. The challenge was amplified because Super hadn't yet integrated with ChannelAdvisor, narrowing their range of potential partners.


The Objective

Super had multiple goals in mind when they approached us for a solution. They wanted to streamline their digital goods sector by automating the delivery of encrypted vouchers, eliminating the tedious
manual processes. Additionally, they were looking to expedite the vendor onboarding process by automating the unique API requirements of each vendor. Lastly, they aimed to tap into ChannelAdvisor's vast vendor network to expand their reach and capabilities.


Why MindCloud?

Super selected MindCloud primarily for our ability to quickly understand and execute complex API integrations. Our high-touch support model assured them they were not just purchasing a service but gaining a long-term partner. They were also impressed by our white-glove service, which provided the right balance of speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for their growing needs.



MindCloud implemented a range of customized solutions targeting specific challenges. An automated,
encrypted voucher system was developed, delivering digital vouchers to customers within minutes of
purchase, thereby eliminating manual code entry. Multiple API connections were also established to sync Super's systems with those of their vendors, automating the flow of catalogs, inventory, pricing, and orders.
Additionally, integration into the ChannelAdvisor Partner Network was facilitated, enabling seamless
connections with a broader range of vendors.



Since implementing MindCloud's solutions, Super has experienced notable gains in operational efficiency and scalability. The shift to an automated, encrypted voucher system has streamlined the onboarding of digital goods vendors from months to days, while also eliminating the manual task of sending of voucher codes to customers.
Custom API connections have enabled a smoother, faster onboarding of significant vendors, expanding both product offerings and market reach.
The integration with ChannelAdvisor's Partner Network has also broadened Super's vendor network, providing a more diversified product catalog. These enhancements collectively contribute to Super's improved performance and versatility.



MindCloud set up the entire voucher system...but the biggest feat was the connection to the ChannelAdvisor Partner Network.

— Adam B. Yuro, Account Manager

Responsive, reliable, and most importantly — FAST.

— Michael Abramovich, Chief of Staff

Treated all the tasks with the respect and dedication anyone could ask for.

— William Cheng, Senior Technical Account Manager


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