The Pillars of SEO, Part 4: Social & Backlinks

Jamie Royce


January 28 2022


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We have covered content, keywords, meta titles and meta descriptions as various aspects of SEO. The last two points we are going to cover here is social media and backlinks.


How to Use Social Media for SEO

Content, keywords and titles can be controlled directly without involving other people. The next two steps, social media and backlinks, involve integration with different sites and individuals.

There are marketers and companies who specialize only in social media to boom your business.

After all, people live on social media these days. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok are each universes of their own with different protocols and peculiarities. But before jumping up and attempting to TikTok your way to the top, consider getting some content and a proper website design done to you have something to promote socially.

Diving into social before handling the first points of SEO and getting a great storefront up is going to make it more challenging for you in the long run. Some people get by with no social media presence and have successful sites based on content and keywords alone. But this is a rarity. Especially as the new wave generations emerge glued and connected to their devices and social media applications. If you are already thriving, social media will help take you to the next level.


Be Careful What You Link For

A “backlink” is when an online user clicks on a website and finds YOUR LINK and from there goes to your site. By having other websites link to yours, this tells search engines that you are worth considering. If authoritative people in your field recommend you, this will give you boost. But if get linked to low-quality or scammy sites — Google will know. Tread carefully with backlinks and work to get natural links.


Set Your SEO Goals

Until you have a fantastic site with lots of content, you don’t need to worry so much about social media or backlinks.

In fact, social media and backlinks might lower your ranking if you try to tackle these without first having sufficient content. What are you having people look at—an empty room? There’s not enough content to talk about.

Set a schedule. Work out when you will create content and post regularly.


MindCloud Connects 

Once your site is live and you are working to increase activity and interaction, you will likely be working with multiple platforms across the web and offline as well. To save time, increase efficiency and lower expenditures, it will well behoove you to have an integrated approach with your outlets and media. 

MindCloud is currently working with individuals and companies across the world to help streamline this process.

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