Top 5 Challenges of NetSuite API Integration


May 22 2023

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NetSuite is a powerful cloud-based platform offering many benefits to organizations that want to automate their business processes. While the platform is flexible and customizable, NetSuite API integration with other software applications can prove challenging and many organizations struggle with integrating their existing applications with NetSuite. This results in lost time, lost data and an overall lack of efficiency.

Businesses face many common challenges when integrating NetSuite with other software applications. Here at MindCloud, we are very familiar with all of these challenges as we’ve created custom API integrations for NetSuite, HubSpot, Walmart, and many other important software that businesses use to work efficiently. Here are the 5 top solutions to handle these challenges:


Challenge 1: Data Quality and Consistency

Arguably the top  challenge that businesses face when integrating NetSuite is the quality and consistency of data. NetSuite is a comprehensive platform that requires data to be integrated precisely to function correctly. When data is inconsistent or inaccurate, it causes issues in the entire system, leading to errors, duplication, and lost data.

Solution: A data cleansing process needs to be put in place before integrating any system with NetSuite. We at MindCloud find that the best way to do this is by having us automate the data profiling and cleansing process using our software and having our team of data quality experts handle the rest manually.


Challenge 2: NetSuite API Integration

Unfortunately, NetSuite does not innately integrate with other 3rd-party APIs. NetSuite does offer REST and SOAP APIs to connect with other applications, but there are often differences in the data nomenclature, the data structure, and/or the operations between NetSuite and other software.

Solution: In-depth knowledge of NetSuite’s APIs is crucial before integrating them with other applications. The experts at MindCloud know it is important to test the NetSuite API Integration thoroughly to ensure that it functions correctly and when necessary will write custom code to promote this goal.


Challenge 3: NetSuite Customization

Another critical challenge is in customization. Oftentimes, organizations face issues when trying to customize NetSuite to meet their unique business needs. While customization can be done, it can be time-consuming, and frequently updates or upgrades can disrupt the changes made.

Solution: MindCloud is here to advise and manage the customization requirements to streamline and optimize the integration process.


Challenge 4: Collaborating with Internal Teams

When integrating with other software applications, it’s essential to gain buy-in and support from your internal teams. Some people may resist changes brought on by the integration or may not be comfortable with using NetSuite if they are not familiar with it.

Solution: Providing comprehensive training and communicating the benefits, and the end goal of the integration can help foster understanding and enthusiasm in your team. The experts at MindCloud can help increase communication with the stakeholders of the integration process to ensure that the software changes will improve the overall business processes.


Challenge 5: Budget Constraints

Lastly, cost is always an issue for organizations. The budget for integrating NetSuite with third-party software applications can quickly spiral out of control if not planned.

Solution: The total cost of ownership for NetSuite integration should be factored into a plan upfront. This allows businesses to allocate resources properly and avoid hidden costs. MindCloud is the perfect development partner as we will help to optimize your budget to stay on track and realize their return on investment (ROI) faster.


The Work Is Worth It

Although it can be challenging, integrating NetSuite with other software applications like SalesForce is often essential for businesses to streamline their operations, improve efficiencies, and gain a competitive advantage. By addressing the major challenges of data quality, APIs, customization, internal collaboration and budget considerations, MindCloud can establish your NetSuite API integration to augment the health and viability of your business:

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