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February 17 2022


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Many of us grew up using yellow post-it notes and various forms of multi-colored tabbies to remind us of important events. These pooled up in different locations around the house or at the office creating a sort of rainbow montage. Some people use similar systems still or instead employ a network of reminder alarms on their smart phone that go off throughout the day much to the irritation of friends and spouses who are subjected to the pursuant racket.

To replace such archaic and antiquated methods, smart tech people have come up with ways to internalize external reminders. In other words, digital alerts can now be sent to you thus obviating the need to plaster the edge of all your computers with bits of papers.


Connections Using Webhooks

Webhooks are simple commands used to relay digital information from one place to another or to command another API or platform to perform a specified task. They are different from APIs.  An API provides a connection from one platform to another allowing the two platforms a seamless transition of information therefore enabling communication between both.

A webhook works with an API by informing and by relaying data from one platform to another often commanding APIs to get a certain job done.

For example, if you post something on Facebook, you might want to also post it on Twitter. You can create a webhook that simply informs Twitter the moment you post something on Facebook that the same item should be posted on Twitter. Instead of having to remember yourself to go post it on Twitter later, a webhook not only reminds you but ensures it gets done for you.

They are kind of like post-it notes with legs that migrate between locations notifying and completing tasks for you.


Other Webhook Uses

You can get set up webhooks to do all sorts of things. There is no limit yet defining the number of creative ways to put them to work.

They can be set up to send reminder emails, text messages, turn on alarms, send shipping notifications, payment alerts, inform on deliveries and track customers who check into restaurants via online apps. 

Webhooks can be set up to work on a simple basis as in when one thing happens, a specific action results or they can be set up with more complex scenarios with a concatenation of “if then” commands.


MindCloud & Webhooks

MindCloud specializes in digital connections. Whether this is using APIs or webhooks or any other integration method, we can get it done to connect you with exactly what you need. 

You may not realize how much work can be automated for you and what kind of time this resultantly would free up. When you free up these functions and time, the result is expansion, more people getting and using your product and increased growth on the business side.



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