Which Companies Provide Integration Software?

April 24 2023

Product Integration

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There are several companies that dominate the field of integration and work solely to provide integration software that connects applications and various data platforms and devices.

One of the most well-known companies that does exactly this is MuleSoft. 

The creator of MuleSoft was motivated by the same frustration you’ve likely felt when not being able to connect to the various digital applications you work with on the daily. 

This software has now become the leading integration software for SaaS and APIs and is used at an enterprise level on the daily. 

While this is a perfect solution for a larger business who is willing to invest a good sum of money, the same can’t be said for a small or medium sized business trying to get off the ground. 

If you want to get started with MuleSoft, be prepared to spend six figures (as in over 100,000 dollars) when you total up the costs of the initial price and the personnel you will need to hire or train to use the software. 



Another popular integration solution that has become nearly a household name in the past two years is Zapier. The word “zap” has even been coined to mean a single Zapier connection. 

Zapier works great for anyone who has a limited number of transactions. If you want to connect up a couple programs that have a small amount of traffic and daily use, Zapier might be the right choice for you. 

The set-up is relatively simple and intuitive and it doesn’t take hiring a full-time staff member to only handle your connections. 

Depending on your workflow, you may only have a small number of software applications running. On the other hand, you could have quite an abundance. Some companies have as many as 80 separate SaaS tools and most have at least 10.

For anyone in the field of e-commerce, the list of required integrations also extends to external sites such as other online companies, distributors, warehouses, etc. Without proper proper integrations that adequately link each segment of the production line, the results can quickly become disastrous. 

While Zapier works perfectly fine for simple automations, some of the more complex or unique connections, require further development. 

If you haven’t found a solution to your integration woes using popular software, you might want explore other options that could adapt better to your needs.



Workato is an enterprise automation tool that allows companies to automate business processes and integrate data. 

It can be used for a variety of actions such creating and automating workflows, managing integrations, and pulling data from various sources. 

Workato is user-friendly and can be used by both developers and non-developers. It has a drag-and-drop interface to create workflows without any programming skills. 

While not as costly as Mulesoft, the price for Workato still runs at the higher end of 35-50 thousand dollars to establish a full integration with all connections needed by a company. 



Jitterbit specializes in application integration. Specifically, their software deals with transferring data from one application or platform to another. Each application has specified structures and Jitterbit works to transform data from a source to fit the destination.

Jitterbit lets users select specific information and allows them to write their own functions in JavaScript or Jitterbit Script.

To use Jitterbit, a company would need to have someone on their own team who is technically savvy and familiar with basic programming language.

This does put a limiting factor on companies that don’t have the capabilities or knowledge to handle such technical functions and requires them to hire an additional staff member to deal with the Jitterbit software. 


What MindCloud Does Differently

As a CEO or founder of a going concern or start-up, one of the most common frustrations is the failure of proper data integration whether originating from order management, data entry, personnel, finance, customer and business records or a combination thereof. 

Without solving this at once, countless business leaders get crushed by the tidal wave generated by improper administration.

The creators of MindCloud have put in the work and effort to gather information from executives throughout diverse industries and used this input to develop products that strive to solve the difficulties encountered. 

This has now been successfully accomplished in the form a customizable integration platform that connects all needed software programs, platforms and devices. No technical experience or know-how is required by the end user. 

MindCloud is currently being used daily throughout the world to bring about rapid expansion and scaling amongst businesses of all sizes. 

If you are faced with an integration issue or need assistance connecting your digital platforms and would like an opportunity to solve this at a fraction of the going cost, contact MindCloud today for a free consultation and quote. 


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