What Is MindCloud?


May 03 2022


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MindCloud is an integration platform that facilitates connections to all varieties of software and e-commerce sites.

In addition to an intuitive and customized user interface, MindCloud caters to companies of each size providing economical solutions to problems that were previously cost-prohibitive for most medium and small businesses to resolve.


The Pain Point

Computer programs and applications have created an ease of operation and led to exponential expansion across the world. The sheer quantity of these systems, however, has resulted in disorganization and confusion. This becomes rapidly apparent in the world of e-commerce or to the administrator of an online store that deals with orders and deliveries.

As such a company expands and business increases, the need arises to implement multiple variations of software to track prospects, orders, shipping, delivery, returns, refunds, inventory and manage all financial aspects. Further scaling results in branching out to external platforms such as other online e-commerce sites and distributors. 

In short order, this becomes a formidable network that can either boom production or squash it all together due to uncoordinated efforts and entanglement.


Company managers attempt to cope with this problem of repetitive data entry and duplicative tasks to maintain synchronization between all functions and often hire data entry staff to fill the void that proper software integration would solve.

Many executives and CEOs—after hitting a level of extreme frustration—sign up with companies that charge steep fees to set up connections between each segment of the machine. This often necessities hiring additional personnel who are specialized in dealing specifically with this type of integration software. 

The end result is an accumulation of fees and, more often than not, a makeshift solution consisting of a series of patched-up connections that don’t solve the original problem. This leaves executives feeling disheartened and left with the idea that nothing can be done to address their pain point.


A Different Approach To Software Integration

The Internet and e-commerce world has become a digital melting pot with new forms of competition arising each day as each entrepreneur attempts to outdo the next. 

To succeed requires a unique approach to the way business is done in the specific category or field one is endeavoring to thrive in.

This also means that the integration issues these companies face will be unique and require analysis and custom implementation. 

MindCloud has focused solely on this aspect and honed in on the key problems faced by a company attempting to make their software connect and talk.

After a consultation and review of all existing software and connections to external platforms, we propose a finite solution to resolve each issue whether this requires a single connection or a systemic integration.


Solving E-Commerce

MindCloud has made it possible for e-commerce channels to sell their products across multiple platforms. 

To illustrate this, an online distributor recently contracted MindCloud to build fifteen e-commerce integrations to enable them to offer their three-hundred brands to a much wider online sales presence. These brands now have their products listed across all of these platforms with no additional work required. They receive the orders through one channel and when they fulfill the orders, MindCloud automatically updates the shipment tracking info and controls inventory across all fifteen channels and each brand’s inventory source.


Simplify, Automate & Scale Your Business

Whether you are a going concern or a fledgling venture, your future expansion will be directly tied to how rapidly you automate routine functions and eliminate wasted effort.

As a simple drill, sit down and list each software program used in your overall range of business activities. Include any external platforms or sites you are required to connect with.

Once this is done, contact us for a free consultation and demonstration to see how these connections can simplify, automate and scale your business.


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