Why Do Some E-Commerce Sites Fail?


December 27 2022


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The holidays are here and you realize too late that your well-planned shopping list has a few holes. To remedy this, you decide to hop online where you find some amazing deals that have yet to disappear.

You act fast by adding the item to your cart and check out using the credit Google handily stored previously for you. 

The shipping time looks fantastic. With a stroke of luck, your better-late-than-never gift might still arrive before your nearly-forgotten family member departs from your home for the holiday. 

Your mouse clicks away as you await the final consoling words that proclaim cheerfully that your funds have been withdrawn and the item is now en route to be packaged and shipped. 

But wait, there’s a problem. A combination of words did appear on the screen but with an entirely different meaning. In summary, the item you selected is out-of-stock and can’t be shipped to you at this time. 

Of course, they can put your request on backorder but unfortunately, there is no certain time of fulfillment. They are sorry about the inconvenience and invite you to continue shopping for additional items separate from the one item you actually wanted. 

Well, that’s helpful.


My Online Inventory Is Not Syncing

When you are shopping online, stumbling across out-of-date or incorrectly displayed inventory is a real pain. 

Fixing it doesn’t seem like a big ask. From the stance of a CEO or executive, this is a matter you shouldn’t even have to mention. But it’s the small things that get you. And really, delivering to your intended public is what everything is all about when you are running a store. So, maybe it isn’t a small thing after all. 

The issue behind this, however, is not always negligence from a distracted worker who failed to update the accurate quantity. 

After all, most of this stuff is automated these days.

The real problem is that your online inventory is not syncing or there is some issue with the connections or integrations across your various platforms. 

And when this happens, an out-of-date inventory might only be the tip of the iceberg. You could soon be drowning in lost orders, incorrectly priced items, inaccurate shipping costs and much more. 

All of this results in a poor user experience and customers taking their business elsewhere.


MindCloud Makes It Easy 

There are solutions for such problems. Customized software exists to address your unique scenario. 

By utilizing a platform that processes information without error you will eliminate all issues with inventory, orders and any other e-commerce related complications. 

If your online inventory is not syncing up with other platforms in your workflow or you are having difficulty with e-commerce connections, there is likely a way to solve this immediately.


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